Thursday, November 19, 2009

"miracle" cures for MS.

Have you ever heard someone say "I took (latest product) for my (arthritis, snoring, MS, Parkinson's, etc) and now I am CURED!"? I have heard people say such things about bee-sting therapy, Tahitian Noni Juice, Xango Juice, Mona Vie, Pain Stop, Juice Plus, and various vitamins, herbs, and supplements.

Ever since Mr. M was diagnosed with MS, we have heard countless stories about countless products that are said to "cure" MS. And honestly, Mr. M has tried some of them, but both of us are skeptical enough, rational enough, and logical enough to know that MS can not be cured by anything. I do believe that it is possible that some of these products can help with certain symptoms or with your health in general, but I do not believe that they can "cure" anything. That being said, I still wonder about those people who claim that they have been helped/cured by such products. I don't think that they are ALL a bunch of liars who are in it for the money, and if that is true, then how does this all work? What are some of the products that you have tried? Did they work? Did they help you at all, or were they all a waste of money? Please share your experiences with me.

***DISCLAIMER: The products themselves have not necessarily made these claims, rather people who use and/or sell the products as part of a home-business are the ones who have made such claims. I am not endorsing the products, nor am I discounting them.***

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