Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miss me?

Hello there MS caregivers of the world! It seems I've been gone so long that my blog background has been removed from the site where I got it! I'll get to fixing that eventually.

The last time I posted, I was pretty low. Down in the dumps. Blah. But no more. Things have been happening, as things tend to do. And I've managed to crawl out of my own depths of despair.

In fact, things are good.

Why? Well, there is no one reason, really. That's the thing with depression. Sometimes things are good; sometimes things are just bad. You can be positive, try to be in a good mood, and focus on the good things in life, but still be depressed.

But I do know one thing that has helped: Building myself up. Yes, it's hard. But do it anyway. Tell yourself you matter. You're worth it. You're a FIREWORK!

As caregivers, we tend to forget about ourselves. And I'm not just talking about caregivers of the sick. Caregivers of children do this too. Whether you are a mother, aunt, grandmother, etc, we as women tend to do everything for others and take care of ourselves last, if at all. This has to stop. We are no good to anyone if we aren't around! And after many years of neglecting myself, I am finally learning that this is true.

I challenge you to do something for you today. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. Go for a walk. Treat yourself to lunch at a nice restaurant i.e. NOT a drive through! And do it for you.

Take care,

Mrs. M

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  1. Amen!!! Sorry it took so long for me to find that time for myself to get on here! I did miss you! And still do!