Monday, December 7, 2009

update: the red, red rash.

I forgot to mention something about Mr. M's red, red rash. While we were at the Miami VA, I decided to ask the brilliant neurologist there what she thought about his rash. She had an idea. (Did I mention she is BRILLIANT?!) Her thoughts:


Now how easy was that?! She was pretty sure that it WAS an allergic reaction, and the Niacin that Mr. M takes for his cholesterol was her first choice in culprits. Her second was Depakote, but she said the symptoms sounded exactly like a reaction to the Niacin. I am so GRATEFUL to have met this woman. She is just the woman I want for my husband's care.


  1. so does he stop taking niacin? That shouldn't affect his MS, right? I'm soooo glad you have a good doctor!