Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Mrs. M. I am starting this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I want to connect with other caregivers out there. You see, I am an MS caregiver. My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and I have been his caregiver ever since. Like many of you, we have our story about the diagnosis, the struggles that came with it, and now the daily grind of living life with MS. But I will save our story for another time. Right now I just want to get myself "out there." I hope that you will find my posts interesting, helpful, and enlightening, because let's face it-when you are dealing with MS, you need some enlightenment every now and then. It is HARD, not just for the person with MS, but also for their loyal caregiver. Oftentimes I survive on my faith alone to get me through. God has helped me through so much thus far and has never let me down. I am THANKFUL for that. Please join me on this journey, as I strive to look for the meaning in all of this, as I strive to make peace with this horrible disease. I think I can learn a lot from you and maybe you can in turn learn something from me.

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